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Shelf-life extension and food loss reduction from a food safety and quality perspective


The combination of a dynamic shelf-life and quality of fresh produce together with dynamic pricing - integrated in an expert solution - will impact in reducing food waste and improving financial performance, and thus entailing major benefits for veg SMEs.

What is BiofreshCloud?

Enhancing Mediterranean Fresh Produce Shelf-life using Sustainable Preservative Technologies and communicating knowledge on dynamic shelf-life using Food Cloud Services and Predictive Modelling.

BioFreshCloud develops an integrated, innovative, and eco-friendly approach to assess optimal shelf-life and minimize food losses of strawberries and tomatoes produced in the Mediterranean region, by combining food biopreservation technologies, food modelling, and Food Cloud tools.


To obtain and assess lignocellulose nanofibres (LCNF) and microorganisms from agri-food residues as a sustainable and circular approach, for application in active packaging and preservation of vegetable products.

2_Shelf life extension

To extend shelf-life of fresh tomatoes and strawberries by applying bio-protective cultures and bioactive
compounds, in combination with LCNF nanocomposite, using suitable methods such as edible coating and


Generate and validate mathematical models to predict microbial dynamics and sensory dynamics in
the targeted produces under real storage conditions considering the effect of the natural preservative techniques.

4_Cloud Computing

Development of a a Cloud Computing based system for food transparency and dynamic shelf life prediction. Each step of the supply chain shares quality and safety relevant data and
receives useful business data, e.g. current product status or cool chain performance.

5_Logistics Optimization and Reduction of food waste

An automated expert returns warnings and handling advice, e.g. advising an alternative route to minimize economic and food loss.


The full solution will be tested simulating real world conditions based on associated food stakeholders from farm to fork, including testing of consumer acceptance.
The Consortium

Interdisciplinary team

The Consortium for this project was created in order to cover all objectives, with a complementary knowledge and expertise in the different fields of science of the project as well as the involvement in two agricultural and Mediterranean sectors, i.e. tomato and strawberry.
University of Cordoba
Ankara University
Microbiological species
tsenso GmbH
Big Data
MIGROS Ticaret A.S.
Logistic Data and models
National Agency of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
Antimicrobial and antioxidants compounds
Sciences and Technologies Faculty - Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University
Microbiological Species
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Isolation of microorganisms
Funded by
BioFreshCloud is

Funded by


Federal Ministry of Education & Research

Grant No.: 01DH20013


The scientific and technological reserach council of turkey TUBITAK

Grant No.: 119N444 & 120N436

Gobierno de Espana

Ministerio de Sciencia e Innovación

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